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Awards: Time Magazine, History Channel, and Nat'l Inventors Hall of Fame

"Get Up, Get Down, Get Around"™

Proven Lift in the home and hospital

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Patient Lifts - Making life easier

    Gimme a Lift is an easy-to-use patented medical device for lifting, lowering and transferring individuals (up to 350 lbs) who are ambulatory or able to bear their own weight. The Lift's primary purpose is to aid individuals at home and post-op patients in the hospital with mobility issues due to injury, illness, severe pain, and post-surgery rehabilitation. Others who can use the Lift may have weak knees, rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson's, overweight problems, post surgical pain, back pain, the elderly and many others who are unable to stand up, sit-up or lower themselves. An optional adjustable back strap is available for individuals with weak arms or if they have no arms, the back strap is an additional $30.   Gimme a Lift has been awarded several patents. Gimme a Lift is quality made in the USA.

How Gimme a Lift helps     The Lift operates in two modes, assisted (with the help of a nurse, caregiver or spouse) or unassisted (by yourself) Our lift requires no setup and uses the mechanical advantage of leverage (a law of physics) to easily lift, lower, and transfer individuals at home and in the hospital. Its unique Anchor Pad grips onto any dry floor surface. Gimme A Lift has no batteries, wires, or gears to worry about and is as simple as it is powerful.  Shipping by USPS Priority Mail

What Gimme a Lift® does

  • Lifts and lowers individuals to stand up or sit down and also to sit up or lie down

  • Supports walking and transfers to walkers, chairs, wheelchairs, and in & out of cars

  • May reduce surgical site pain, suture tears, and other stress-related complications

  • Provides a continuum of support from the hospital to home and to the workplace

  • The Lift may be a "constant companion" to those in need by assisting them every step of the way

Gimme a Lift - Portable, Durable, Lightweight, Affordable and easy to use

    In the assisted mode, a nurse or caregiver uses the patient Lift to help move an individual from a sitting to a standing or from a lying back to a sitting up position.  The nurse  grips the Palm Grip located at the top of the device to help keep the Lift steady.  The patient then grasps the comfortable Grips on the shaft while stepping on the unique Anchor Pad with only one-foot at the bottom of the device. The nurse, while keeping her back erect gently pulls back on the Palm Grip to help the patient rise.  The Anchor Pad remains stable on any dry floor surface as the reinforced shaft pivots toward the nurse. If the patient has weak hands or arms, use the specially designed adjustable Back Strap.

    You may also use our patient Lift by yourself (unassisted) to standup, sit down, lay back, or sit up by using similar techniques, as above, but without a nurse or caregiver to assist. Each Gimme a Lift has its own serial number and comes with easy to use instructions and a DVD. See more by clicking the How To Use tab on top of this page or play the video under the above picture.  Gimme a Lift is featured in the Machine Design magazine.  


Nurses use the patient Lift in hospitals to sit up, stand up, and transfer post-op patients to walkers and wheelchairs.  However, patient independence is the goal, and the patient is encouraged to use the Lift by themselves as soon as possible.  The Lift also reduces pain to the patient's surgical site when lifting and lowering and helps the patient to walk sooner rather than later.  Gimme a Lift addresses the "Handle with Care" policy endorsed by the ANA - American Nurses Association. You can now order the same professional Gimme a Lift that the nurses use in the hospitals and caregivers use in the homes when lifting and lowering patients.           

Certified Lab Tests were done using the new Gimme a Lift to lift a 200 lb person with a nurse using only 25 lbs of lifting effort. This test represents an 8:1 lifting advantage ratio or 87 % less weight to lift by simply using the mechanical advantage of leverage. Keep in mind the 200 lb person is only an example, Gimme a Lift can lift as much as 350 lbs. If two Lifts are used, you can exceed the 350 lb limit. In this case the patient needs to place one foot on both of the Lifts Anchor Pads. In hospitals our Lifts are readily available to the nurses by being clipped to the wall, with one in each room, and are proven to withstand repeated use on a daily basis. Just as IV stands are in each room, so are Gimme a Lifts in each room, which makes it easy for the nurses to grab one when a patient needs mobility assistance.  Recently, one of the hospitals that has Gimme a Lifts in each room was inspected by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Organizations JCAHO.  The physician surveyor and his team used the Lift and were all impressed by how easy it was to use and by its accessibility for the staff.  Gimme a Lift is truly an affordable proactive approach to address the problems related to lift injuries incurred by hospital and home healthcare nurses and caregivers when lifting, lowering, and transferring patients.

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Gimme a Lift® has been awarded  U.S. Patents and a Canadian Patent for being unique and useful.