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Proven Concept

The Lift is "Made in the USA" and has a environmentally safe powder coated finish, similar to that of a stove or refrigerator. Although it is lightweight, weighing less than 2 lbs, it is also durable and has been designed using the latest technology. The Lift's shaft is about 50 inches long and is the backbone of the Lift.  It is reinforced with a “Y” shaped internal webbed design using extrusion technology to provide additional strength when lifting individuals who weigh up to 350 lbs.

Unique “Step-On” Anchor Pad

The Lift’s Anchor Pad is made up of a special combination of polymer, durometer, and surface texture for optimum grip power.  The anchor pad is designed to be stepped on with one’s weight to secure its position while the Lift is angled toward the caregiver.  It may be used at various angles while remaining flat on the floor or ground.  It holds on carpet, vinyl, hardwood, ceramic floors and on cement and asphalt.

The Palm Grip & Grips A, B, C

The Palm Grip is textured and is specially designed to fit into the palm of a nurse or caregiver's hand to assist with lifting. Grips A, B, and C, are soft and comfortable to use by the patient during the assisted or unassisted modes of operation. The select polymer material (not rubber that smells and mars the floor) for the Anchor Pad and Palm Grip were tested by Advanced Elastomer Systems for grip and strength.

The Advantage of Leverage

The Lift uses the mechanical advantage of leverage in the assisted mode to make lifting easy for the nurse or home caregiver.  With the Lift in the unassisted mode, the patient  has the advantage of being able to use their arms to transfer weight to the Lift thereby using less effort to lift and lower themselves


Certified Lab Tests

Gimme a Lift’s® unique leverage and lifting techniques make it possible to lift individuals up to 350 lbs with very little effort. For example, a caregiver testing the Lift was able to lift a 200 lb patient to a standing position with only 25 lbs of lifting effort. This was recorded on a digital force gauge set at peak force.

In addition, a special load test was done to determine the Lift’s bending point by simulating a nurse lifting a patient to a standing position. This test exceeded our 350 lb limit and confirmed the Lift’s design strength.

Pain Reduction

The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization’s (JCAHO) pain management policy assesses hospital patient's pain on a scale from 1-10, with 10 being the worst. When using the Lift, ambulatory patients stated that their suture site pain level was greatly reduced from a high of 8 or 9 to a low of 2 or 3.

Gimme a Lift® has been awarded U.S. and a Canadian Patents for being unique and useful. . Always read the complete instructions before use.


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Limited Warranty: Defective parts will be replaced to the original purchaser within one year of purchase, except in the case of misuse. Gimme a Lift® is not liable for any consequential, exemplary or incidental damages whatsoever. This limited warranty is in lieu of all liabilities and damages.

Gimme a Lift is not returnable please make sure that it will fit your needs before ordering. We sell only new equipment and do not sell used ot returned equipment.



Gimme a Lift requires simple maintenance by rinsing the Anchor Pad with water and drying it with a paper towel or cloth. The hand grips may be cleaned with Sani Wipes or alcohol.



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Gimme a Lift® has been awarded  U.S. Patents and a Canadian Patent for being unique and useful.