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Awards: Time Magazine, History Channel, and Nat'l Inventors Hall of Fame

           "Get Up, Get Down, Get Around"

Proven in the Home and Hospital

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                                 The tri-fold included with your new Lift has the complete methods of operation


Assisted Mode of Operation

Unassisted Mode of Operation

 Assisted (stand up/sit down)

In the assisted modes, the caregivers are upright when lifting patients, reducing the risk of back injury to themselves.  A back strap is available for patients who have limited arm or handgrip strength.  The strap is adjustable to fit all and simply uses two clips  that attach to a ring on the Lift.  Most hospital patients do not need the strap while others at home may need it.



Unassisted (stand up/sit down)

Individuals at home who are unable to lift and lower themselves due to illness or injury are using the Lift daily, indoors and outdoors.  Post surgery patients find the Lift may reduce pain to their surgical site as well as to prevent suture tear and other  complications.  To use the Lift it is important to carefully read the full instructions that come with it.



Assisted (Caregiver sits up or lays back individual)

Unassisted (sit up or lay down by yourself)

The Lift may assist a patient to sit up and lay back when in bed or on a couch. Other individuals who may use the Lift are athletes, the elderly, persons with weight and other mobility problems.  The Lift can be used for walking while using both hands with it centered in front of you for you additional support.

The Lift requires no setup, weighs less than two pounds and is easy to use. The Lift may help transfer a patient to a walker or other device. It can be at their side every step of the way on the road to recovery.

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